Client Sessions

HollyBerry Beauties - Amber

You know on Facebook where you can pick your relationship status as "It's complicated." Well, that's me and Amber. I met Amber through my sister, who was Amber's swim coach in High School and our municipal swim league. (Go Fish!) My sister and her family sort of adopted Amber as their own, and my nieces and nephew call her their big sister. (And who wouldn't want a big sister as cool as Amber? I mean, seriously?!?!) 

But then Amber had to grow up and go off to college at Mizzou, so we don't get to see her as much as we used to. I don't think of Amber as an adopted niece, but more as a friend. When Amber was home taking a break from all that learnin' she's doing studying Civil and Environmental Engineering and Political Science, (Yikes, my brain hurts from even typing all of that!) we were able to get a session in! 

I asked Amber what makes her feel beautiful, and she said, "when I genuinely belly laugh." I'm so glad I got to capture some of those laughs, and all of her beauty on camera. 

HollyBerry Beauties - Carrie

This woman right here is something special. We've been friends for over half of our lives. I won't say how long that is, but let's just say, it's been awhile. We've been to three foreign countries together, and shared more disgusting MO state park bathrooms than I care to remember. She's my friend, my counselor, and my consultant on anything related to design or decorating. 

It's always my goal to make my clients feel at ease in front of my camera, and to be themselves. But, there's just something special when you get to capture your best friend; it brings the fun up to a whole new level! 

It was such a joy to get her in front of my camera! 

Mother's Day Session Giveaway

I am so very excited to announce this special photo session giveaway! One deserving mom will receive a FREE FAMILY photo session with at least 25 digital images!

Here's how it works: You nominate a mom who you think deserves a photo session. Sorry, but you cannot nominate yourself. (Husbands, yes, you can nominate your wives.) 

To nominate send me an email at: with the following info:

1. What is Your name?

2. What is the best way to contact you?

3. What is the Nominee’s name?

4. What is the Nominee’s email address (or the best way to contact her)?

5. How do you know this mom?

6. Why are you nominating this mom? 



1. Each person is only allowed to nominate one mom. You cannot nominate yourself. 

2. To nominate you must like HollyBerry Studio on Facebook. 

3. This is for either a family session or a portrait session of just mom herself. (The winner gets to decide.)

4. All entries must be received by May 1st at midnight. I will announce the winner on May 2nd. 

5. The session will be shot either May 5th or 6th in St. Louis area. Therefore, the winner must be available one of those days. If they are not, then they forfeit the session. 

6. The prize is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

HollyBerry Beauties - Kristin

When I decided to do these HollyBerry Beauties sessions, I didn't do it so I would make friends. However, it's been a wonderful result of meeting some awesome ladies. This session with Kristin was one of my favorite ones to date, for sure. She's so easy to talk with.  We just walked, chatted, and I snapped a few photos here and there. At least that's the way I felt. I loved getting to talk with a like-minded woman about ministry, toddlers, teenagers, being single, and everything in between.

Also, can we talk about how flawless Kristin's skin is? Seriously Kristin. I need to know what your secret sauce regimen is. 

HollyBerry Beauties - Stephanie

I'm SUPER excited to announce the first of my HollyBerry Beauties sessions!  This idea came to me a few months ago (right in the midst of the holidays). Why not do some sessions with single ladies?  Up until I became a foster parent, that was me. I'm still single, just not totally unattached. :-) My idea was to do a series highlighting single women. So often single women miss out on those photographed moments; weddings, family photos with your kids, and vacation photos unless there's a kind stranger available to take one for you. In essence, singles can become invisible. I wanted to help change that! It must have struck a cord because my calendar filled up in about 24 hours! The first HollyBerry Beauties session was with Stephanie! She's an early childhood, special education teacher in the Saint Louis Public School District. She's always wanted to do be a teacher, and is currently in her first year of teaching! Her tattoos make her feel beautiful because they are stories of what tried to hurt her, what she has overcome, and reminders that God is in control even when life feels out of control. It's my pleasure to introduce Stephanie to you!